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The Process Behind Creating Bliss
A Bliss home theater is more than just a projector and some speakers. When we commit to a home theater project, we design and build it from the ground up. Every aspect of our home theater solutions are tested and optimized for the best sound, picture, and overall experience for both our clients and anyone that sits in our custom seating…
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Crestron’s Commitment to the Future
At Bliss, much of our time is spent planning for the future. Whether it’s working on a new design for a client, picking out the best technology for our integrated media solutions, or just keeping track of the latest trends in the home theater and automation business, we are always looking to the horizon. To this end, we have been closely following…
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CES Roundup: Some of our Favorites from CES 2014
It should come as no surprise that we here at Bliss are always looking to the future. We want to be sure we are providing our clients with the most cutting edge technology available, and that we’re consistently innovating on our own designs. It should also come as no surprise that we love this stuff. Chances are, if you’re following us, you love this stuff too. CES is one of the biggest consumer electronics trade shows in the world, and it’s a major…
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The Changing Face of Home Automation
Since Bliss was founded in 1994, one of the major goals of the company has been not only to stay on top of the constantly changing technology landscape, but to push the boundaries of what is possible in the home. In the area of home automation, changes are often behind-the-scenes: infrastructure improvements that facilitate better communication between devices, or upgrades to monitoring systems that improve the overall experience in the home…
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Bliss wins Crestron’s Integration Award!
“The Crestron Integration Awards honor the year’s most spectacular and innovative system designs,” said Crestron Public Relations Manager, Joyce Essig. “Bliss Home Theaters & Automation utilized our Integrated by Design residential solutions and their extensive experience designing unique control features to design a truly out-of-the-box solution for their client…
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Bliss HTA ideas on Houzz
We integrated a media room and family room together to maximize the the square footage. A push of a button lowers the screen and black-out shades to turn a bright family room into a perfect media room. Bliss HTA designs integrate both design and performance. This media room delivers excellent sound by implementing drapes as an additional acoustical treatment…
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Theater Interiors Magazine features Bliss’ Projects
I knew then and there that Bliss had what it took to build my dream cinema. The room was absolutely spectacular. I immediately challenged Bliss with the task of building me a better room. I wanted to be part of raising the bar on home theater design…
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Review on Home Theater
In star-studded Hollywood there are even stars in the world of custom audio video, and Robert Bliss’s Bliss Home Theater is one of them. With a client list that includes dozens of studio executives, professional athletes, powerful attorneys and captains of industry…
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Article on Audio Video Interiors Magazine
We used high-end electronics in terms of quality and performance, so the audio component level is very good. We could get more performance by simply tweaking the room adding more panels or by changing the structure, but it’s a compromise between aesthetics and acoustics. It’s a compromise the client is very happy with…
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