Today’s homeowners rely on home networks for data, video, audio, and control for many daily tasks. These networks are increasingly being integrated with the various systems in the home. As the importance of home networking has grown, we have found that the quality of the home network has a large impact on a homeowner’s lifestyle. Because of this, Bliss Home Theaters & Automation provides integrated networking services.

Over the past years we have received requests for help with home and office networks, specifically wireless networking systems. One of the biggest challenges has been how to provide a home with a robust Wi-Fi system that covers the entire home or office. After extensive research, we have put together a series of packages that will allow us to provide your home or office with an incredibly strong Wi-Fi system that works indoors or outdoors.

Enterprise Level Wi-Fi systems are not made up of common over-the-counter networking equipment, but designed and engineered to be deployed inside a business or enterprise. Due to this fact, the equipment meets a more demanding set of criteria and lasts up to five times longer. Additionally, the wireless access points and antennae are designed to cover larger spaces and service many more users at once.

The best part about these Enterprise Level Wi-Fi systems is the ability to deploy access points throughout your home or office. This will allow you to walk anywhere with a laptop, Apple IPads, or Crestron Wi-Fi tablet and always stay connected to the network. The whole point of Wi-Fi is being able to work anywhere in the home or office, and that’s what we deliver!